Q: What Is Moffom.cz About?

Moffom.cz is all about featuring music that were featured in films, the artists that were responsible for said music, and even movies about said music.


Q: What Is Music On Film?

Music on film is basically the official soundtrack, the orchestral scores, and the small bits of tunes sprinkled all over the films.


Q: Why Bother With Film Music?

The work of the people behind the music in films is just as important as the films themselves. It’s the background songs that make a scene sad, happy, joyful, or full of grief. It’s the work of the composers that help bring a character to life and that’s why they deserve recognition.


Q: Can I Suggest Topics?

Yes, you can.


Q: How Can I Get In Touch With You?

Just go to our Contact Us page or hit us up on our social media accounts.