Film on Music is coming October 18-22, 2007!

Our festival is based on the doctrine that music in all of its varieties is a enormously inspiring art which may be researched in new and intriguing ways throughout the medium of film. We screen all kinds of films (documentary, experimental and show) from round the world at which the fundamental motif is music- after a stories which appear as the energies of artists and film makers intersect.

MOFFOM was launched in 2004 as a non profit company built to gather the city of film makers participated in such production and also to promote their projects into a larger public at a noncompetitive, friendly and accessible holiday atmosphere. It was also ascertained from the beginning the festival could be situated from the historical centre of Prague, having its own headquarters located in Palace Lucerna, certainly one among the earliest functioning cinemas in Europe and also a neighborhood cultural landmark.

MOFFOM expanded in 2005 to add an even widely established world wide outreach, regarding both working and content partnerships using similar-minded associations. A particular Country Concentrate and programmatic tributes to outstanding film makers were added as a member of their continuing maturation of the festival along with its particular targets.

2006 was be the largest season of most, with the accession of an audience Award, lively live concert viewing events and regional retrospectives helping MOFFOM to reach breakthroughs concerning presence, media policy and global attention, while keeping the exceptional setting, locations and awareness of community which had led to the accomplishment of former decades.

This facet of this program has always been shown to be probably the most well-attended and highly likely event every season up to now, joining together globally recognized musicians and exquisite animated movie prints into increasingly huge crowds.

Since MOFFOM reaches its fourth year old successful season of attracting the very best of music on picture from round the planet to local viewers, we’re very happy to introduce the following five-day yearly celebration of the musical and visual arts. Yet based mostly from the milestone pool Lucerna, we also collaborate closely together with Kino Svetozor, probably the very successful and advanced art home theater from the Czech Republic, in addition to several romantic cinemas inside the center of Prague, all within walking distance of eachother.

We expect over 40 international guests to wait, as in preceding decades. These include film makers and musicians, in addition to industry and media professionals in the areas and numerous foreign journalists. The successful mixture of live concerts, photo displays, panel discussions, student assignments, parties and chillout evenings which our audience has come to expect may take place through the entire holiday season.

Highlights from previous editions of MOFFOM 2004 – 2006

International and World Premieres of films by Larry Weinstein, Don Letts, Simon Broughton and others

European Premieres of several award-winning films from all around the world, including Favela Rising (Brazil, 2005), The Human Hambone (USA, 2005), Mariza and the Story of Fado (UK-Portugal, 2006), Live at the Kyttaro – Rock Scenes (Greece, 2006), On Tour With (Germany, 2006), and As Old As My Tongue: the Myth and Life of Bi Kidude (UK-Tanzania, 2006)

Live performances by Dub Cartel Sound System (UK), Anjali (UK), Banning Eyre & Papis Nyass (USA / Gambia), Omar Ka (Senegal), Loud Samba (Brazil), Cassis (Germany), Chodská vlna (CZ), Il Parto de Nuevo Pesanti (Italy), Son de Cuba (Cuba), Berg Chamber Orchestra (CZ), A Moving Sound (Taiwan), Central Asian Prague Ensemble with Bakyt Chytyrbaev (Kyrgyzstan / CZ), Jiří Pavlica and Hradią»an (CZ), Madala Kunene (South Africa), Plastic People of the Universe (CZ), Pavel Fajt (CZ) and many more

Special Guests including Jiří Menzel, Julien Temple, Don Letts, William Ferris, Larry Weinstein, Simon Broughton, Eugene Green, Allan Miller, Ron Mann, Jan ©pata, Gene Deitch, Phil Grabsky, Ruhi Hamid, Ragga Gestsdottir, Henry Hills, Romy Kaplan, Carl Simons, Robin Burke, Jeroen Berkvens, Walter Stokman, Izza Genini, Alexander Hacke and Danielle di Picciotto, Dan Jawitz, Antonis Boskoitis, Deon Maas, Kasper Collin, donnie l. betts, Andy Jones, Ylber Mehmedaliu, Giuseppe Gagliardi and others

Silent films with live accompaniment performed by DG 307, DJs DuBase & Leizaboy, Scratch Film Junkies and Socalled with special guests and Vojta Lavička

Films by renowned directors Miloą Forman, Ingmar Bergman, Leslie Woodhead, Mika Kaurismaki, Fernando Trueba, George Lucas, Fatih Akin, Les Blank, Saodat Ismailova, In Kwon-Taek, Perry Henzell, Albert Maysles, Michael Meert, Bruce Connor, Oscar Fischinger, Miroslav Janek, and many others