In addition to screenings of this acclaimed 1990 portrait film “Step Across the Border” and also Thomas Riedelsheimer’s award-winning 2003 documentary “Rivers and Tides” which includes an advanced score by Frith, MOFFOM will also present a unique moderated screening of this continuing experimental job “Time and Surface” by visual celebrity Heike Liss, as well together with music by Frith, in association with all the Audiovisual series in Kino Světozor on 18 October.

MET in HD debuts to sold out Crowds in Kino Aero

Following the first performances of the Metropolitan Opera in Kino Aero it’s apparent that the endeavor is a major success. Skeptics who believed viewers would not cover a premium of 300 CZK to experience the live broadcasts are currently believers. In accordance with the organizers, the endeavor has shown that opera could attract fresh (and younger) fans, even in a opera-rich city like Prague. For individuals accustomed to watching live performances on TV, the Met in HD offers stunning examples of extreme close ups, fascinating views of this enormous backstage at Lincoln Center in addition to highfidelity 5.1 surround sound. It is simply the next best thing to being there in person. Regrettably for anyone who did not buy tickets much ahead of time, their only chance to see the live broadcasts will be last instant came back tickets at the box office over the afternoon of these shows. Plans are in the works to expand the project to include other cinemas in other cities in the Czech Republic and to present “encore” screenings which will be recorded and played back for additional projections following the live events.

MOFFOM Re Mix at the American Center February 26-28, 2008

Malá Strana could have lost its final theatre years past, but MOFFOM will finally possess its own cold temperatures “echoes”screening series. “Following the success of last year’s special MOFFOM screenings and notably the exhibition of Mississippi photographs of William Ferris (MOFFOM special guest 2006) we wanted to build up the echoes app to be large enough to cover diverse subjects, while staying focused”. A total of six documentary films, mainly from the 2007 program will be exhibited on three consecutive nights in late February. Each night may have a theme and two films will be shown with just a brief intermission between each film. The first night is presented in honor of Black History in the usa. The second night will adhere to the theme of Americans Abroad. The last night will exhibit films about new york. Even though the subject and the place are American, 3 of the films are from non-American directors and reveal interesting angles on the music and culture of america.

SAMBA! Documentary Monday February 18th Kino Světozor

There is alot to celebrate if Kino Svetozor reopens as a result of its renovation. And just in time for the biggest party on our earth – Carnaval. Rio de Janeiro hosts the greatest Carnaval party on the planet. Preparations for Carnaval for competing samba “schools” begin many months before the actual parades and chunks that have made the party thus spectacular over the last century. One gets a taste of this manner Carnaval was from the late 1950’s in the timeless audio film Black Orpheus (add link), which had been screened as part of their special Brazil section for MOFFOM 05. In a more contemporary context, the film SAMBA! Records the ecstasy and love but also the business and politics of the enormous event.

Live in New York- the Metropolitan Opera in HD, at Kino Aero

Premiering December 1-5, Kino Aero will present the very first in a set of 8 simultaneous broadcasts from New York’s Lincoln Center- home of the world renowned Metropolitan Opera. Shown are now living in HD it may be the ultimate opera-cinema adventure and MOFFOM can be a proud partner in this show presented by Kino Aero along with Aerofilms. We are delighted to declare that New York, the world capital of culture is going to be celebrated in 2008 as a special attention for MOFFOM.